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At its heart, The Joshua Group is a building company. 


How so?  Well, to start, I come from a long line of builders.


My great-grandfather was a sculptor in Sicily, building statues for the Catholic churches in Italy.  My grandfather was a stone mason and brick layer who built walls, patios, and – eventually – homes.  My father was a builder and land developer, building thousands of homes and neighborhoods.  I was a homebuilder, as well, before becoming another kind of builder.


Over the past few decades serving as a salesperson, corporate trainer, executive, and consultant, I have never stopped building.  Although instead of leveling land or laying bricks, I have focused on building up leaders, teams, systems, and organizations so that they are the strongest they can be.  Finally, in 2007, I built The Joshua Group, which is a place where coaches, speakers, trainers, consultants, and various leadership experts have come together to build a company that focuses on one mission:


To Help You Do What You Do, Better!

We want to help your organization build better sales, better teams, better leaders, a better brand, better systems, better people, better knowledge, and a better overall business.  Here’s how:

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No leader ever achieved greatness by working alone. For whatever you’re trying to build, your people will always serve as your foundation.

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In the end, it's not just about being better; it's about being different. Let us help you grow your pipeline, gain competitive advantage, and stand out in the marketplace. 

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To help you lead your organization to its very best, we offer coaching, training, consulting, and certification programs. After all, all eyes are on you, so are you where you want to be?

Whether “Building your Brand” means adding the finishing touches to help your organization shine or laying the groundwork for a complete overhaul, we’re here to help build something you’re excited to show to the world.

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For over a decade, the Joshua Group has worked alongside clients to provide expert advice and customized recommendations to help propel transformations, instigate turnaround, drive performance, and - ultimately - attain results. 

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After studying leaders at every level and across countless industries, one attribute seems to be consistent in dividing good from great: they have a drive for continuous improvement. Click below for a few of the resources we’ve compiled (updated weekly, so check back!) to help your organization go from good to great:

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This is an area of construction specifically devoted to our Chick-fil-A clients. Here you can find all of the specialty building techniques that are unique to Chick-fil-A. Access is restricted to cfacorp and franchisee email owners only. Please email us to obtain password to access!

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We not only aim to help you do what you do better; we also want to help you tell the world what you do and why you do it! Every company, brand, team, and leader has a story – Let us help you uncover and share yours!

Let us help you do what you do... Better!

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