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Chuck Cusumano

Lead Builder, Architect, Final Inspector

Chuck's driving desire is to serve individuals and organizations right where they are. Chuck has a long history working in and for Corporate America. His passion is to "Help you do what you do better." As President of The Joshua Group, Chuck's role is to help all those around him win!

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Scott Barber

Leader Builder, People Builder

After a career in non-profit leadership, Scott is now CEO of Scott Barber Leadership and Soar in College. Scott is a seasoned public speaker, leadership trainer, and life coach with a passion for self-leadership. He specializes in coming alongside others to help create and execute customized plans for their personal and professional lives.

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Kierstin Cusumano

Systems Builder

Kierstin is an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at The Bell Center in Birmingham, Alabama, which serves infants and toddlers who have or are at risk for developmental delays and special needs. Her passion is empowering families to advocate for their children, especially those in historically marginalized and underserved populations. She is excited to support The Joshua Group as it helps build strong systems, leaders, and organizations!

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Jillian Broaddus

Brand Builder, Assessment Builder, Knowledge Builder

Jillian served as a Project Manager for a Leadership Development firm before beginning her own company, Buzz84, offering ghostwriting, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, branding, and content development services to speakers, authors, coaches, and small business CEOs.  

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Betty Gebhardt, LPC

People Builder

As a Professional Counselor, Coach, Speaker, and Teacher, Betty is passionate about empowering others to embrace and unlock their full potential. Through genuine empathy, compassion, and courage, she challenges people to break old patterns of thinking to live in their true identity from an overflow of abundance and joy. Betty is the founder of Strong Living Co., where she helps her clients embark on their own journey towards healing, wholeness, and purpose.


Caleb Stanley

Brand Builder, CFA Builder

Caleb is an author (, producer, storyteller and loves to create and build things. Caleb is the CEO of Pioneer Georgia ( and is working to incubate new business and increase economic traffic to his community. As a Brand Builder and CFA Builder for The Joshua Group, Caleb leverages his expertise in storytelling and video production to help bring our customer’s ideas and stories to life! From building blocks at age 3, to treehouses with scraps of lumber at age 6, Caleb has always had a vision of ‘what could be’. Taking intangible things likes ideas and concepts and turning them into realities is what gets Caleb going in the morning! Caleb has worked with companies across the nation helping them showcase their story through film and brand identity.

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