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As Evidenced By What?

By Chuck Cusumano and Jillian Broaddus

Anyone who has worked closely with us knows one of our very favorite sayings: “As evidenced by what?” It permeates our thoughts.

We hear: “We won’t be able to accomplish that.” And we think: “As evidenced by what?”

We hear: “I am a team player.” And we think: “As evidenced by what?”

We hear: “Our business is doing very well right now.” And we think: “As evidenced by what?”

It’s important – in leadership and in life – to challenge the things we hear. It’s easy to claim something as fact and harder to back it up with factual evidence. If someone states that they are a team player, do they back it up with facts? If not, we should ask the question, “As evidenced by what?” and then seek out that evidence.

So the next time you’re conducting an interview, performance review, or coaching session, utilize our favorite saying and see how it changes others’ actions!

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