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Celebrating FIVE Years

By Jillian Broaddus and Chuck Cusumano


On our last post, we announced an exciting anniversary: FIVE YEARS of The Joshua Group’s blog!  (Although, to clear up any confusion, the Joshua Group itself has been around much longer – nearly 17 years, in fact!) Thanks for joining us in celebrating half a decade of posts about everything from the Atlanta Braves to chocolate-crème donuts, and anything in between.  It’s been a fun ride thanks to you – our loyal readers – and we can’t wait for the next five!  In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the past 260 weeks, by the numbers:


  • 189 blogs

  • 6,297 post views

  • 2,893 unique visitors

  • 10 guest authors

  • ~250,000 words!


In honor of five years, we wanted to look back at our five most popular blogs, as ranked by number of reads by YOU. 


5. We’re starting off our countdown strong with When the Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts. Read on (or re-read) as we explain how 1+1+1=5.

4. Coming in at #4 is our blog on The Avocado Paradox. If you don’t know what that is, give it a read!  If you do, we hope you’ve been selecting the best possible avocados!

3. In third place is our Jack of All Trades, Master of Some? blog. Whether you identify as a specialist or a generalist, we have thoughts on how to expand your skill set and make yourself even more valuable in the workspace.

2. Just shy of the top title is The Just Enough Technique. We surmise this blog was revisited again and again for its simple, straightforward advice to mastering clear, concise, and compelling communication – a technique that never goes out of style!

1. And our most popular blog is… The Art of Avoiding Overthinking & Underthinking! We think this resonated with so many of you because we all fall somewhere on the spectrum of either being “overthinkers” who deal with anxiety, getting lost in the details, and the ramifications of a racing mind, or “underthinkers,” who might end up paying hefty prices for their laissez faire attitudes.  Wherever you fall, this blog is to help you find balance to achieve your greatest goals!


Please let us know what you want to read about next by emailing us at


Thank you again for your encouragement and engagement since 2019!  

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