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Leave Your Comfort Zone

By Jillian Broaddus

Last year on the blog, we wrote about the importance of Doing Hard Things. Inspired by the accolades of Coach Bill Thorn, we discussed the psychological benefits of pushing yourself physically, and how tough corporal feats can instill confidence, trust, grit, and perspective.


Well, next week, I’m taking this lesson to heart as I venture across the world to embark on a trek in Nepal.  I will be off the grid, hiking in the Himalayas, lost (hopefully not literally) amidst the world’s tallest peaks.


It won’t be my first daring scramble – from a summer spent summiting 14ers out west to multi-day treks everywhere from Peru to Norway, I’ve sought to see some of the earth’s most breathtaking (literally) vantage points.


However, beautiful sights and bragging rights aren’t the only rewards for strenuous hikes.  There’s an almost indescribable change that comes from within after every demanding achievement.


I’m excited that this trip will be no different – and not just for the hike itself.  On either side of the trek, we’ll have free time in Kathmandu, which I’m anticipating will take my breath away as much as the 15,000-foot altitude.  I’m imagining the culture shock will be as real as the jet lag, witnessing a place so different from home.  And this aspect – leaving the comforts of home – is perhaps what I’m most excited about.


“To succeed in life, we must stay within our strength zone but continually move outside our comfort zone.” John C. Maxwell


It is estimated that only 2% of the population willingly leaves their comfort zones.  After all, why would we want to?  A comfort zone is, by definition, comfortable.  It promises low stress, general contentment, and minimal risk.


However, most of our goals – in fact, all of them, if they’re big enough – lie beyond the confines of our comfort zones.  And, on the way to achieve them, you’re likely to encounter other inevitable benefits from pushing your own limiting beliefs and invisible boundaries.  Here are just a few things you GAIN when you LEAVE your comfort zone behind:


  1. Gaining new interests: How will you know what you like if you never try it? Perhaps your next greatest hobby or one of your strongest skills is hiding just beyond the edge of your typical daily routine. 

  2. Gaining gratitude: Let’s face it – staying in a “comfort zone” might as well, after long enough, be synonymous with being “in a rut.” Leaving your safety blanket means you’ll gain a new perspective, and this new perspective will undoubtedly instill a gratitude for what you have.

  3. Gaining strength: The more you push your comfort zone, the easier it seems to do. However, this isn’t actually what’s happening – things don’t get easier; YOU’RE getting STRONGER. The same way that routine running builds your cardiovascular system so that your 5k jog starts feeling less and less tiring, pushing your limits makes you more mentally fortified to take on anything life throws your way.

  4. Gaining momentum: As we mentioned, most (or all) of your goals will be beyond the confines of your comfort zone. However, another fun fact? Accomplishing one goal will likely lead you to the next, and the next, and the next.  As your confidence and strengths start building, so too will your accomplishments.


So, what are you afraid of?  Do you need help breaking through the boundaries of your comfort zone?  We’d love to help!  Just reach out to us at and let us know how we can coach you to break down barriers to achieve your wildest dreams!


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