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Super Bowl Blog Round-Up

By Jillian Broaddus and Chuck Cusumano

How was your Super Bowl Sunday?

Whether you tuned in for the game, the commercials, or the halftime show, the grand finale of the NFL season has a lot to teach us about the importance of both hard work and teamwork, planning and pivoting, and discipline and drive! It's the day that teams envision the other 364 days of the year and the day that represents the culmination of a year of two-a-days, endless video scrutiny, and numerous sacrifices. So, whether you joined the party more for the chip & dip or for the action on the field, it's nonetheless a big day worthy of our latest blog round-up!

In honor of this past weekend, we've gathered our favorite blogs we've written about the NFL and the themes that go along with it:

  • What We Can Learn About Execution from the NFL – Did you know the average NFL game takes 3 hours and 12 minutes, but that the ball is only in play for an average of 11 minutes? Read more for how you can maximize the "action minutes" of your day!

  • Don't Punt – Have you ever heard of Kevin Kelley? He's the coach that went for it on every fourth down and rewrote the rules of football. Check out this blog for how you can take a page from his playbook!

  • We Not Me – Okay, this blog is more about Atlanta winning the World Series than professional football (go Braves!), but the importance of teamwork transcends all sports – and business!

  • Leadership Lessons from the NFL – And, finally, a short list from Damian Vaughn – a retired NFL tight end – on the three biggest lessons football taught him about leadership.

If you want to achieve a WIN in your own life or leadership, we'd love to help – just reach out to!

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