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The Joshua Group Blog – Two Years in Review

By Chuck Cusumano and Jillian Broaddus

May 16th... This day may not seem like a significant date for many, but here at The Joshua Group, it’s an anniversary to celebrate.

Exactly two years ago, we launched our very first blog. Since then, we’ve posted 91 articles on topics ranging from servant leadership to dominoes to donuts, and everything in between.

In honor of our blog’s 2nd birthday, we thought we’d re-share our five most popular blogs, as awarded by you – our readers! So, here they are:

Aaaand, drum roll for our most popular:

And, while we're at it, there's one more blog we want to re-share. It's the first blog we ever posted, on May 16th, 2019, and it also happens to be Chuck's and Jillian's all-time favorite. It's The Flea Circus Analogy!

If you haven’t read one or any of the above, we recommend checking them out! After all, they’re most popular for a reason!

And, let us know: What would you like to read next? What topics would you love to see more of? Email us any and all feedback at

Keep reading!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” —Dr. Seuss

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