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The Secret to Improvement – Giving Advice

By Jillian Broaddus and Chuck Cusumano

We’re more than 7 weeks into the New Year, and we’re already on our second blog about goal-setting, motivation, and achieving whatever targets you’ve set for 2022 – whether you labeled them “resolutions” or not!

We’ve shared most of the tried-and-true methods on blogs in the past: including how to overcome the most common obstacles, how to develop your willpower muscle, and – most recently – the power of The 100% Rule!

However, new research shows another habit positively correlated to success: giving advice to others!

In one study undertaken by Lauren Eskreis-Winkler, Angela Duckworth, and Ayelet Fishback, middle school students either gave motivational advice to younger students on achieving success in school, or received such advice from teachers. In the end, they discovered that those who dispensed advice spent more time on their homework over the following month. Plus, these findings held true for older populations as well: In experiments where adults were “struggling with saving money, controlling their temper, losing weight, or seeking employment,” those who gave advice on his or her respective topic were more motivated to pursue the goal than if they received expert advice from the field.

Why is this? The researchers outline three main rationales:

  1. The act of giving advice requires us to first rack our brains for all we know about what has or hasn’t worked for us in the past. This memory search reminds us how much we already know which, in turn…

  2. Boosts our confidence! Giving advice has been proven to affect our levels of self-esteem.

  3. And, finally, the process of offering advice to others inevitably leads to describing “specific intentions” and “concrete plans,” which will serve us well as we undertake the path towards the goals we seek!

So, what is your goal for the next week, month, or year? Once you have that figured out, then ask yourself: who else can you give advice to on how to accomplish that goal? The act alone might just help you both!

We’d love to assist in any goals you’re seeking to accomplish. Reach out to if you’d like to test out giving advice to us!

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