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Happy Thanksgiving - A Blog Compilation on Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving, we at The Joshua Group wanted to say a few THANK YOUs:

Thank you to our clients who keep TJG up-and-running! Thank you to our blog readers who like, subscribe, and share. Thank you to our team members who display gratitude each and every day. Thank you to our vendors, contractors, and partners who help us do what we do, BETTER. And thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping us learn, grow, and serve this year and beyond!

In honor of the upcoming week, we're looking back on our articles from the past few years. Whether you need a reminder to write that thank-you card, some stats on the importance of gratitude at work, or ideas on how to best express appreciation, we've compiled a few of our favorite past blogs on the topic:

Thank YOU and Happy Thanksgiving!

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